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Who are TCUK?
TravelChef UK is a nationwide frozen and chilled food distributor specialising in cuisine from the Indian subcontinent. At TravelChef, we are committed to excellence in customer service, making life easier and helping our customers grow by providing the highest quality food at the best possible prices. We take pride in putting our customers first; all the while keeping up to date with the latest technology and food trends which ensures your menu is ahead of others.
Our cutting edge food technology coupled with highly trained and experienced workforce enables us to give the best possible service offering, and making sure you’re never low on stock, while never compromising on quality. 
We truly believe that this service would not be possible without the right workforce. Here, at TCUK we have specially trained chefs and service personnel who learn about our customers’ needs, and take pride in offering the finest service. Maintaining continuous professional development across the company, from senior management to administrative staff, enables TCUK to stay ahead of its competitors whilst making sure our customers’ needs are always put first.